‘Mopoke.‘ Slowpoke. Glowpoke. Fro’poke. How many images, how many plays on the name of the titular character can you make? Wombat? Posh poke? Maybe there’s even Morepokes?

This truly inventive and quirky title captivates through its curiosity. There is a sense of wonder as you turn each page; the motivation is perplexing, but satisfying. ‘Mopoke‘ is a great book for word play, rhyme, character, picture analysis and comparison, and ultimately, for enjoying. The production quality is high; we love the feel and look of this book, too.

We recommend ‘Mopoke’ to readers of all ages.

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Philip Bunting


Mopoke is a riveting, inventive and clever picture book. How many Mopokes might there be? It seems there a might be a ‘lowpoke‘ and then even a ‘highpoke’. Thereafter, what about a ‘poor poke‘ or even a ‘posh poke‘? Then again, what about ‘grow poke‘? Furthermore, what about ‘two pokes‘ or even ‘more pokes‘? Although this bookseller was originally tempted to choose this title because of the approximation of the title to the New Zealand ruru- morepork. However, the definitive images and then the word play are delightful. Furthermore, Mopoke’s determination to be undisturbed is a delight. In fact, we wonder if it’s possible at all. Isn’t it always delicious when there’s a character who’s in turmoil, desperate for things to go as they demand. Think, perhaps of NO! said Rabbit.
However, this is more than a message, for the book offers opportunity to predict and join in. In fact, we suggest that the repeated readings that this book will elicit, will prompt readers to participate. What’s more, opportunities to build vocabulary and contextual understanding are rich. Altogether, it means that Mopoke is a superb choice, a picture book that we recommend for young readers, and then everyone older too!


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