Mortal Engines


Mortal Engines‘- ‘In a dystopian future, cities built on huge wheels roam Earth for precious resources.’

Tom Natsworthy, apprentice engineer aboard the mobile entity of London, is sent to the engine gut as punishment, while the giant city is in the act of chasing Salthook, a small mining town. He encounters violently scarred Hester Shaw, resident of Salthook who seeks revenge on Tom’s hero Thaddeus Valentine, Head of London’s Guild of Engineers. Through mishap, misadventure and mistrust, the two are thrust together, as Hester’s action and Tom’s trust are overturned.

Escaping slave traders, finding safe passage aboard an airship, surviving an attack by a semi robot sent to kill return them to the Mayor of London, Hester and Tom seek an undiscovered route back to the city, to Valentine and the truth.

This is a magnificent novel that deserves to be read ahead of the release of Peter Jackson’s mega monster movie interpretation. We recommend ‘Mortal Engines‘ to all readers, aged from 10 years old. You will be gripped more tightly than the prey of a mobile London city Movie trailer of Peter Jackson’s ‘Mortal Engines’


Mortal Engines

Philip Reeve


This disturbing, gripping and epic novel has awed readers and won fans ever since its original publication. Now we await the movie…. can it be as bold as the book, wherein Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw attempt to unravel the truth within the great traction machines of Municipal Darwinism? We urge any reader aged from 10 years of age toward this wonderful, trailblazing story.


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