Mo’s Best Friends: A Stone-Age Story


Mo’s Best Friend: A Stone-Age Story is a charming story about a hunter-gatherer family.  Everyone in the family have their defined role.  Mo’s is to look after the baby.  She loves to take time to listen to the sounds of nature.  Mo hears the sounds of an animal in distress and finds a young dog. Her family are horrified when Mo introduces the dog to them; they have learned to be wary of wild animals.  When the family realise that the baby is missing, they are thrown into a panic and blame the young dog.   On a search to find the baby they discover that the dog has protected the baby from a hungry lynx.

This charming story is inspired by the discovery by archaeologists of footprints in a cave in France.  The prints are believed to be more than 26,000 years old and alongside cave paintings provide an incredible insight into family life in the Stone Age.

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Mo’s Best Friend: A Stone-Age Story

Bridget Marzo


Mo’s Best Friend: A Stone-Age Story has been inspired by an amazing discovery by archaeologists working in the Chalet cave in France.of footprints of a child and a dog.  Mo and her family live in the Stone Age.  Her role is to watch over baby, who is not yet aware of danger. Mo’s favourite place is a den where she listens to the sounds of nature. One day she hears an unfamiliar noise from a bush. Despite family warnings about wild creatures being dangerous, Mo goes to investigate.  She discovers a small animal, wounded with a thorn in its paw. She removes the thorn and soon Mo and the animal are firm friends, playing together all afternoon.
When Mo introduces her new friend to the family, they are horrified.  They also realise the baby is missing and her parents believe the animal may have taken the baby.  When the search begins it is discovered that the animal, who Mo christens ‘Dog” is protecting the baby from a hungry lynx.
Bridget Marzo’s story is charming but also shows the simple hunter/gatherer lifestyle of the family group.  In the end pages of the book is further information about life in the Stone Age, as is the story of the discovery of the cave footprints that inspire the story.


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