Most Likely


Which of the four friends, bonded at Memorial Park when they were five, is Most Likely to reach the most highly acclaimed position of power? It seems each of them has her moment. There’s Martha who works hard and worries about her financial position, particularly as regards the costs of college tuition. While money is not such an obstacle to Ava, her mother is ambitious and successful, and Ava has a history of depression. Furthermore, she has an urge to discover her birth mother.

CJ’s urge is to attend Stanford. Despite working desperately and through every recommended method, her SAT scores are below par. Then she meets a further obstacle when she volunteers at an after school programme. However, might that ‘wall’ be an opportunity?

Jordan is charged with discovering why Memorial Park, the meeting place of the four, is under threat of demolition. She feels this could be the story to cut her fledgling journalistic teeth upon. However, City Hall is less than impressed by a high school paper writer.

What happens to each of the girls? Where do they go and what decisions do they make? Furthermore, which of them. ultimately ends up stepping into the shoes that should have been filled by Eleanor Roosevelt, as President of the United States?

Older, YA, readers will enjoy travelling through the friends’ individual and collective journeys, realising fears, anxieties, skills and flaws. Furthermore, we cheer on their loyalty and strength. It’s time to slap the wall, octopus like, and open a really readable story, to discover who is Most Likely.


Most Likely

Sarah Watson


Which of the four friends, bonded for life at Memorial Park, is Most Likely to succeed? Where will their decisions take them? We meet the girls in their pivotal senior high school year as each faces major challenges and choices. Yet every one of them, despite their individual differences, is sworn to the other. It means that while Ava struggles with depression and the chance to find her birth mother, Martha is challenged by the financial logistics of how she might pay for college. Then CJ cannot meet her own standards that determine she must go to Stanford despite less than perfect SAT scores. Moreover, Jordan fights on behalf of the girls to find a way to stop the closure of Memorial Park.
I have always loved books like this, the coming of age novel, that capture a pivotal moment in time. Somehow, I think we know when we’re living through such a time, and it feels like these four friends are aware of the portent of their decisions and actions. We travel with each of them, worrying for Martha, hurting for Ava, fighting for CJ and urging Jordan forward.
Thereafter, what happens to the girls Most Likely? For it seems that one of them reaches the pinnacle position within the United States. Who is that girl and can we tell from our time with them?
This is such a feel good, empathising, relevant and visual title, ideal for YA readers seeking an accessible story.


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