‘Moth‘ is the story of the peppered moth. Emerging from a nighttime cocoon, it dances across an indigo night, a salt and pepper moth facing predators. Birds and bats seek them. Charcoal moths make easy targets, shadows obvious against trees and sky. Those with colourings allowing them to remain hidden, have survived longest.

We follow the progress of ‘Moth’ to the industrial revolution, where coal, steam, soot and pollution mean that charcoal moths survive best. Salt and pepper, speckled moths, are more evident against our city smeared skies.

Isabel Thomas’s direct, informative text fits perfectly with the luminous, evening jewelled pictures of Bookwagon favourite illustrator, Daniel Egnéus. ‘Moth’ is a truly magnificent title that merits a place on every bookshelf.

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An Evolution Story

Isabel Thomas and Daniel Egnéus


‘Moth‘ is the story of the peppered moth. This small creature goes from having speckled, freckled markings to charcoal w Thereafter, we see its adaptation. How can it be that human life around it changes its colours and behaviour? Furthermore, why has this happened?
We are delighted to welcome this  confident  picture book introduction to the concepts of evolution and adaptation for younger children. It seems that this title leads perfectly into books such as Darwin’s Rival, or The Variety of Life. Furthermore, its careful plotting and presentation works to tantalise children’s curiosity and understanding. Somehow, the careful text and  vibrant pictures work together so that it seems as though we’re watching Moth developing moment by moment!
Bookwagon suggests that readers look further into both writers’ works, for example Daniel Egnéus, These Are Animals.


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