Motor Miles


Up the hill at the cafe, people said ‘What a lovely dog!’ about Miles. Mrs Trudge and Norman knew better, for their dog ‘did not like his food’, ‘did not like rain’, and ‘barked too much’, amongst other things. Only car rides up the hill made him happy. Thankfully, Mr Huddy, the man who lived next door, was on hand with advice and a project to save the day.

Every John Burningham book is a winner; with an imaginative idea, captivatingly told. HIs misty colour palette and direct character line drawings offer extra purpose and truth to his story. We believe that Miles is capable of driving lessons; there is no doubt in this succinct story of friendship and progress.

This delightful story book will be enjoyed by the youngest readers through to adults, lucky enough to share ‘Motor Miles‘ too.


Motor Miles

John Burningham

(Red Fox)

Motor Miles‘ is a gentle, warm excursion through the life and driving times of Miles, the dog. The motor building skill of a neighbour opens the world to Miles and his readers.


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