Mouse Heart


Valentina suggests that Mouse is a soft little rabbit. It’s certain that Mouse’s gentle and beloved, an easy target for Eve, Mr and Mrs Hawkin’s jealous daughter. However Kwadwo, hiding in the theatre shadows, since escaping from his slave owner, and Walter, part of the company, care for and protect Mouse. Therefore, when Walter is wrongly accused of the murder of Lady Grey, Queen’s favourite, Mouse is determined to prove his innocence.

She enlists the support of Valentina, Moth theatre star, who is quick and skilful at determining truths and getting what she wants. Then again, she follows any lead to clues. Might a witness statement help her? Then again, Mouse is focused on making sure that Walter does not lose heart, so braves the prison route to share Kwadwo’s food.

However, there seem to be others interested in the murder, from the Queen’s agents, to members of the theatre company. What’s more, Lady Grey is not the only victim. It seems there’s someone closer to home who has something to prove, and a very important target in sight…

Bookwagon loves all of Fleur Hitchcock’s books, from her Clifftoppers’ series, to the individual crime fiction too. We are overjoyed to welcome a second historical crime story to our wagon. Mouse Heart is a stirring, brave and thrilling historical adventure that will delight all middle grade readers.

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Mouse Heart

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

What is a Mouse Heart? It’s possible that to Eve, it’s evil and needs destroying. Then again, to Adam it could belong to the friend he longs to have. However, Mouse’s heart is firmly tied up with the need to prove Walter’s innocence. She’s convinced he only came upon the body of Lady Grey, Queen’s favourite, by accident. However, now he’s locked up without food and friend. What’s more, it seems there is only Mouse’s efforts that he might rely upon to hunt down the real assassin.
Fleur Hitchcock returns to an historic setting such as we enjoyed with The Boy Who Flew. However here, she is creative with her timeline, that we realise the smell and thrust of a Stuart theatre, while in the time of a possible Queen Anne II. Then again, we feel the truths in her characterisations, from the artful Valentina, who holds the company and audiences in her thrall, to our brave heroine. What’s more, we realise that while she’s beloved by Mrs Hawkin, Walter, Kwadwo and Adam, her confidence and skills might be underestimated by others. It means that she can make connections, will outrun pursuers, and then show her Mouse Heart to those she cares for.
Bookwagon adores this book. It seems that every book by Fleur Hitchcock satisfies and thrills. This title is no exception.


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