Mouse House


The Mouse family is forced to move home urgently when the human family calls the mouse inspector. The children decide to fit the mouse family, in their new home outdoors, with handmade furniture and accessories, from a trampoline, to a slide and swing. From their upstairs window, the children watch the mouse family play, until autumn and then snow. There is no note left to tell the children where the mouse family have moved onto….

This delightful story explores friendship, the sights and delights of childhood and home. John Burningham never fails to capture a reader’s imagination and entrance. We recommend this super picture book to readers aged from 2 or 3 years old.

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Mouse House

John Burningham


When the boy discovers the mouse one night, his father summons the mouse catcher. A message of warning alerts the mouse family to their need to move away quickly. Then the children become friends with the mice….
Mouse House‘ is an imaginative, warm, lovely story from John Burningham, one of the best picture book makers. We love it. 


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