Mouse on the River


Mouse leaves at dawn. His boat is packed with provisions upon which we can check at the end of the book. It seems this will be a long journey.

When he begins, he smells the summer and listens to the birdsong. We can fold down the high treetops to see the birds that he hears. Then again, along the journey we’ve further opportunities to take a 3-D investigation of our traveller’s route, from treehouses to shops, canal boats to bridges. What’s more, we see how the course of the river changes, how habitation means more travellers, a loch to wind, more traffic too. Furthermore, we realise how our mouse becomes wearied through the day, that he needs to stop for tea and then to raise the pod over his craft that he might shelter from the rain and dark. What will a new day bring? Could it mean the river leading to the sea?

Bookwagon adores Mouse on the River. Not only is this picture book glorious to look at and explore, but is brilliantly formed from its perspective to its paper construction. Then again, the rhyming text from William Snow is gently curious and inspiring.

Finally, there are additional glossaries so that real life explorations might have geographical and practical reference points. These include what might be seen and heard, to what you might need to carry for an expedition such as Mouse’s.

Bookwagon suggests that Mouse on the River is an ideal addition to classroom river studies, alongside being a most beautiful book for reading aloud, lingering over, learning from, gifting and loving.

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Mouse on the River

A Journey Through Nature

Alice Melvin

Text by William Snow

(Thames & Hudson)

It’s the ‘first light of day’ when the adventurer sets off along the riverbank. He rows between trees, hearing birdsong, smelling the summer ahead. Children stop to enquire where our boatman’s going, while he dodges the games of pooh sticks played about bridges. It seems the river’s busier as the journey continues, through houses and lochs where ‘the keeper turns the handle and the water lowers down’. Then again, there’s time to stop for tea for the Mouse on the River
What might we find if we opened up the stores? Mind you, we’ve canal boats and treehouses to peep into too! Might a little pod shelter our traveller from the rain and dark? Then again, what could a dawn bring? In fact, might this journey be heading to the sea? Thereafter to its ultimate destination?
Alongside our role as spectators upon this journey, we’ve flaps to pull down, pages to open up, peep holes through which to spy. Then again, we’ve information, about life upon the waterways, from birds to fish, human traffic and then the physical geography of this route. What’s more, Alice Melvin offers a glossary of things to find in her book that might be sought in real life explorations. This is a guide book of practical reference, alongside being a most spectacular picture book through which to meander, share, know, predict and love. Like Mouse’s Wood, Mouse on the River is an inspiring, glorious and wonderful picture book that makes us linger and indulge in something quite magical.


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