Move, Mr Mountain!


Move, Mr Mountain! Lily demands. Mr Mountain’s existed for ages. He’s seen everything in his life. Therefore, how dare Lily demand he move!

It seems that Lily cannot see anything from her window. Therefore, Mr Mountain needs to move! After all, she cannot climb him, even if she wanted to!

Mr Mountain’s fury at Lily’s impudence is such that he unleashes all his forces upon her! Storming rain, freezing wind and snow! However, Lily soaks it up and loves the variety and opportunity, while Mr Mountain’s left exhausted. What else can he do? What about extending a rocky hand of friendship? Maybe he can help Lily climb his slopes to see ‘every tree and every ill, eery city and every house, and behind that, the sea!’ What if Mr Mountain and Lily might dream together, inventing ‘names for the cities they [can] see int he distance, and for the streets and hills behind them’? Maybe they can imagine what it’s like to live there!

However could it be that Lily might leave Mr Mountain behind at some point? That the friendship they build might be abandoned? Then again, could Lily return to Mr Mountain with other things to share?

Bookwagon loves and recommends this beautiful, tropically toned, richly imaginative picture book. Move, Mr Mountain! is a triumph to share, read aloud, know well, linger over and dream upon.

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Move, Mr Mountain!

A tall tale of friendship and the wonder of the world

Francesca Sanna


Lily cannot see from her window. Therefore, she demands, Move, Mr Mountain! However, Mountain’s lived a long life and is ‘determined to spend’ more of it resting. He’s convinced that ‘nothing [can] ever disturb him‘ after all he’s experienced. Then again, Lily has other ideas.
Thereafter, she pushes and shouts and explains how she ‘cannot climb’ that ‘even if [she] could, it would take a very long time’. However, she wants to see what else there might be! It seems that this Mountain’s furious at Lily’s demands. Thereafter, he flashes ‘endless thundering rain‘ ahead of ‘strong freezing wind‘. Would attacks with snow work? Or could it be that all of this effort is exhausting? Then again, what about reaching ‘out a rocky hand‘ to invite Lily to see beyond the other side? Could this lead to a friendship, and then a quest for adventure? Might the pair have more in common than they could ever imagine? Furthermore, might they dream together?
Move, Mr Mountain! is an exhilarating, emotionally rich picture book, from award-winning Francesca Sanna Mountain’s personification offers an emotionally environmental and historical sense of this titan. Then again, his attachment to Lily is tender and real. It reminds us of our relationship with nature, our need for it. Don’t we see this in this trailblazing picture book creator’s Me and My Fear? Bookwagon loves and recommends this thoughtful, intelligent picture book. We suggest that it’s ideal reading aloud, taking time over, knowing and loving dearly.


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