Movies Showing Nowhere


Movies Showing Nowhere tells the story of the lively, sparky and often difficult Cate.  Her mother dies giving birth to Cate and ever since, Cate’s dad has become distant and silent.  Although Cate keeps herself entertained, with kung fu films, her pet rabbit and her photography hobby, she fights daily battles with house cleaner Cornelia, who delights in antagonising Cate.

One day, Cate finds an invitation to a mysterious, abandoned cinema.  Intrigued, Cate goes to the cinema and meets the quirky Mrs Kano.  The old lady seems to know a lot about Cate’s family and offers, through the cinema, a unique movie experience – the kind that allows customers to step into a memory.

Cate begins to help Mrs Kano at the cinema and meets people seeking a reunion with their memories.  Cate then embarks on a wonderful adventure through time.  On this journey, Cate begins to unpick the mysteries and secrets within her family as she moves towards the true meaning of love and loss.

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Movies Showing Nowhere

Yorick Goldewijk

(Pushkin Children’s)

Movies Showing Nowhere is a totally captivating and intriguing story about family, memories and identity. Cate might be lonely, with few friends, but she is fiercely independent and positive thinking.  Her mother died giving birth to Cate and her father is a distant person, seemingly lost in his own world.  Cate cannot bear the housekeeper Cornelia, who seems to delight in antagonising Cate and interfering in her life, while her father looks on, unable or unwilling to step in.  Only her pet rabbit Beggar So, listens to her thoughts, provides comfort and acts as her silent confidante. However, what she most wants to find, and the thing she is always looking for, is her mum.
When Cate finds a business card on her father’s untidy desk, things begin to change for her.  The card advertises a local cinema offering “Movies Showing Nowhere”.  This intrigues Cate and she seeks out the old cinema.  There she meets the mysterious Mrs Kano – an older lady who seems to know a lot about Cate’s family.  Through the cinema, Mrs Kano offers customers a most extraordinary opportunity – the ability to step inside a memory.  Customers have the chance to pursue the seemingly impossible – perhaps to speak to a lost loved one, or revisit a special place or event from their past.
Cate ends up working in the cinema and meets people seeking out a reenactment of a memory.  Through these experiences, Cate begins to pursue her own quest to understand her father’s remoteness and to piece together the fragments of memory within her family.  This is an exceptionally moving, funny and rewarding story, pushed along by the entirely relatable and attractive narrator Cate.
Winner of the Netherlands Golden Pencil Prize for Children’s Literature


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