Mr Browns’ BAD Day


Mr Brown tips his hat to the doorman of his Very Important Office. Every morning he arrives carrying his Very Important Briefcase to begin Very Important Business. This involves lots of ‘Sell, sell, sell‘ and ‘Buy, buy, buy’!  However, at lunchtime, Mr Brown leaves his Very Important Office to eat his sandwich in the park. There he conducts Very Important Thinking.

However, Mr Brown’s BAD Day concerns the lunchtime that a baby elephant ‘grabs the handle of his Very Important Briefcase’ and wheels it away, When Mr Brown realises his briefcase is missing, a chase ensues! We follow the progress of the briefcase and Mr Brown as they hurtle from pushchair to ice cream van, big wheel to the school bus. At the final point, the race becomes desperate. We see Mr Brown borrow a ‘too small’ tricycle as he follows that bus! It’s necessary, after all, for Mr Brown’s Very Important Briefcase holds Very Important Things. Yet, what are they? Will we ever see inside?

Mr Brown’s BAD Day is a warm, funny and endearing picture book to which readers will want to return. Bookwagon recommends this title  highly.


Mr Brown’s BAD Day

Lou Peacock and Alison Friend

(Nosy Crow)

Mr Brown’s BAD Day begins well enough. He is a Very Important Businessman, with a Very Important Briefcase. Mr Brown works in a Very Important Office. He signs important letters and has important meetings. At lunchtime he leaves his Very Important Office for a tuna sandwich in the park, where he thinks about Very Important Things.
However, what happens when his busy thinking leads to him not being aware of the baby who snatches his Very Important Briefcase? Furthermore, what happens if this Very Important Briefcase is led away on a journey from the baby’s pushchair, to an ice-cream park and beyond? It seems like this is a catastrophe! What might be contained in the Very Important Briefcase? Thereafter, will Mr Brown and his briefcase ever be reunited?
This wonderful picture book reminds me of the storytelling within Jan Fearnley’s Mr Wolf’s Pancakes or Oh me, oh my, a PIE! There is drama, a journey and great excitement! We feel invested in Mr Brown’s story and want to know both the outcome and what is held in the briefcase. Therefore the shape of the book with its paths and consequence is really exciting. Further, the way the drama unfurls with … and a need to turn the page, draws us in excitedly! Mr Brown’s BAD Day is a very good book that we recommend to you!


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