Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory


‘Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory‘ is a streamlined production story, despite Debbie’s unexplained absence. A secret chocolate mixture is poured into the machine, the chickens are fed and hey presto! a chocolate egg is laid. However, Mr Bunny wants more. He wants the chickens to ‘work longer eat more chocolate, and lay faster!’ Is it possible? What will happen? How can the chickens and Edgar, quality control unicorn, make Mr Bunny aware of all that is involved in ‘Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory’? 

Elys Dolan’s books are a delight. We love Knighthood for Beginners  for slightly older readers. Her humour is quirky, endearing and enjoyable for any age. ‘Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory‘ is a tempting, rib-tickling, tasty treat!

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Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory

Elys Dolan

(Oxford University Press)

‘Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory’ works like clockwork. There’s a secret chocolate recipe, pumped into a machine, fed to chickens and laid as chocolate eggs. They’re wrapped and packed and quality control checked by a unicorn named Edgar. Then they’re delivered to a shop near you. What happens when the process breaks down? When Mr Bunny demands more eggs?


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