Mr Peek And The Misunderstanding At The Zoo


The rhinos are in a state, the hippos upside-down, the elephants all a tremble, the giraffes beside themselves. As we join zookeeper Mr Peek on his rounds of his zoo, we learn of his concerns. Unfortunately so do the animals, who mistake his monologue of personal grievances as being directed at them!
By turns amusing and concerning, ‘Mr Peek And The Misunderstanding At The Zoo‘ is a map-like, plotted circus of a story. We are able to infer Mr Peek’s character and have an idea of his relationship with the animals and in his everyday life.

Kevin Waldron’s flat, elongated, wide eyed, cartoon-like shapes are reminiscent of classic French picture book makers. I first spotted this title on a shelf in Oliver Jeffers’ son’s room in an Instagram post and was determined to learn more! I’m so glad I did! Bookwagon is very proud to share this wonderful, diverse and engrossing book with our readers. We can imagine children and adults alike loving ‘Mr Peek And The Misunderstanding At The Zoo‘!

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Mr Peek And The Misunderstanding At The Zoo

Kevin Waldron


‘On the stroke of 9:00 a.m., more or less, Mr Peek, gets ready to do his rounds’…. It’s strange how one action can upend a whole day. In putting on his zookeeper’s jacket, Mr Peek contributes to a complete mood change across the zoo. Is this an allegory? A wise warning? Or just a fascinating, journey around Mr Peek’s patch while he agonises? ‘Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo‘ is an original, focused, mesmerising, droll and fabulous picture book that we are proud to share with our readers.


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