Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets


Mr Penguin has a crafty plan to foil. It calls for a disguise. Can he stop the precious stone from being stolen? He’ll need the help of Colin. Edith and Gordon are on hand to lend a hand (and wing) too! While this is action is in full swing, Mr Penguin receives a letter at his Cityville address. Dieter is one of a number of residents in Schneedorf-on-the-Peak who have found their rodents missing. Who has stole Colonel Tufty-Bum?

Little does Dieter know that Mr Penguin and chums are about to land smack bang into their mystery! Their escape from the orchestra pit becomes the case of ‘Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets‘. There’s hypnotism, snakes, pastries and clever engineering. As ever, Colin’s the clue cracker, karate shaker, ever ready to support Mr Penguin and keep his mind on the case, and away from fish finger sandwiches.

The wit, vocabulary dexterity, imagination and distractions are fast, intelligent and gripping. This sequel to Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure is a tummy filling, tasty, delight!


Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets

Alex T. Smith

(Hodder)– hardback

Mr Penguin’s in disguise. He has mysterious stone to rescue! Then there’s a daredevil plane ride! Can fish finger sandwiches be guaranteed en route? What’s that? Mr Penguin has missed a letter? Hamsters disappearing mysteriously? This calls for a diversion! Luckily, that’s what is about to happen, for the plane doesn’t have enough fuel! ‘Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets’ is a bumpy, incident packed adventure story, the second in the series. Kapow! We guarantee there’ll be a briefcase and pastries!


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