Mr Scruff


There’s someone for everyone, isn’t there? A perfect match? Victoria and David? Beyoncé and Jay-Z? ‘Polly, she belongs to Molly…’  Yet, what about ‘Mr Scruff‘? Other dogs have their perfect matches. They’re in unison with the same look, gait, direction, same style and  sound, just like ‘Eric who belongs to Derek.’

Mr Scruff waits. What about…. ? Well, he’s young and short, while Mr Scruff is tall and old. Could it be that this mismatched pair are meant to be?

The pitch perfect rhyming text is brimming with meaning, enhanced by the Sam Usher-like expressive pictures. ‘Mr Scruff‘ is a gorgeous, ‘forever’ picture book that we love. Who would you choose? It would have to be ‘Mr Scruff’! 

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Mr Scruff

Simon James

(Walker Books)

If Eric belongs to Derek and Martha belongs to Arthur, or perhaps Mick belongs to Rick and Lawrence belongs to Florence then ‘Things are looking rough for poor old Mr Scruff’….
Can our hero find someone to love him, someone who looks and sounds just right? It has to be, doesn’t it? There’s an owner for every dog! Further that other half has to be a perfect match, doesn’t it?
It wouldn’t be Jim, for Jim isn’t…. well, he isn’t a match, not in any way!
Acclaimed picture book maker Simon James has created a beautiful picture book. I love the organisation so that- Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy-  like there’s an introduction followed by a rhyming sequence over the page. The text is spare but weighted. There is so much meaning, longing, love and purpose in the expressive, entrancing pictures.
‘Mr Scruff’ is a triumph. You’d take him home, wouldn’t you…..


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