Mr Wolf’s Class Field Trip


Can Mr Wolf sort out Aziza’s problem with Randy? It appears the two disagreed in the weekend before their field trip. Now they’re staying in cabins in the wilderness and Aziza’s hurt at Randy’s disregard threatens her whole experience! Yet it seems there may be a friend from another school staying at the accommodation with whom Aziza can share her feelings. There’s also her love of Hazelton the musical.

Meanwhile, there’s other music as the campers enjoy barn dancing. Abdi has a ball and enjoys competing with the other school. There is wood craft and nature skills, trees to learn about and knots to tie. There are burgers to cook, bellies that ache and then snow…

Aron Nels Steinke employs his experience as a Years 4 and 5 teacher to build thoroughly engrossing, funny and recognisable characters and stories in his Mr Wolf’s Class graphic novel series. This title, Mr Wolf’s Class Field Trip, is the fourth wonderful outing.

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Mr Wolf’s Class Field Trip

Aron Nels Steinke


What excitement! It’s Mr Wolf’s Class Field Trip! The class are taking a journey into the wilderness to camp. They’ll have to tramp through the woods, cross swing bridges and thereafter share cabins. However before they leave, Randy has a playdate with Aziza. It seems that out of school Aziza is a far more confident character. Furthermore, we learn of her devotion to the musical Hazelton. Yet what happens during that playdate sours Azizi’s interaction with other members of Mr Wolf’s class. Furthermore, Randy will not apologise. What is Mr Wolf to do about cabin groupings and thereafter how the class play together?
As ever, Abdi has a ball and Oscar is late. Yet once they’re on the road it seem’s Mr Wolf’s class is en route for learning together and alone. While Aziza makes a new friend from another school at the campsite, the class take on forestry skills, nature learning and coping with outdoor toilets. Then there’s toasting marshmallows and barn dances… Yet, what happens if the weather changes overnight?
Mr Wolf’s Class Field Trip is the fourth outing with this graphic novel series following Mr Wolf’s Lucky Stars. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this familiar, warm, funny title from a greatly loved series.


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