Mr Wolf’s Class


Starting the school year? New teacher Mr Wolf welcomes his Fourth Grade class at Hazelwood Elementary School warmly. He’s prepared his classroom carefully and is keen to approach each new student, name perfect.

Oscar’s eager to draw taco cats and entertain his new classmates with his knowledge of palindromes. Penny just wants to sleep. Sampson wants to make friends, but Aziza is cautious, while new girl Margot aims to try her best.

Mr Wolf’s preparations take a bit of a knock back when the second grade teacher, Leonard Mane, sneaks off with his stapler. However, there are donuts in the staffroom, which is a relief.

There’s library time and a maths survey, an influx of rats and lunch games with Mr Wolf. There’s also a missing student…

Day 1 with ‘Mr Wolf’s Class‘ is entertaining, relatable and hugely enjoyable. Award winning graphic novelist Aron Nels Steinke teaches at a Canadian elementary school. His experience of both professions is evident, for the plot line is real and warm, while it follows a day thoughtfully and confidently.

Bookwagon is delighted to bring ‘Mr Wolf’s Class’ to its readers. This is an engaging, encouraging and very entertaining graphic novel.

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Mr Wolf’s Class

Aron Nels Steinke


It’s the start of the school year for ‘Hazelwood Elementary’. ‘Mr Wolf’s Class‘ is getting ready, with fresh school clothes and their packed lunches. Mr Wolf warns his class not to store their lunches in their cubbies- ‘Rats!’
Margot’s keen to get to school on time, though she’s moved into her new home late the previous night. However, Sampson is desperate for the school bus to get to school that he can race to the bathroom! Penny’s exhausted. Her baby brother’s cried all night. Oscar’s keen to draw taco cats.
At the beginning of his introduction, Mr Wolf commends himself, ‘Well done Mr Wolf’. However, the day is only just beginning…


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