Mr Wolf’s Pancakes


Mr Wolf was hungry. He just fancied some pancakes.‘ Who, of his neighbours, will help Mr Wolf prepare pancakes? From recipe  reading, to shopping list writing, to carrying his ingredients home, Mr Wolf could do with a hand from his neighbours…

This is a captivating, laugh-out-loud picture book that we love. Jan Fearnley adds a little bit extra to her creations that make them the sort of books that you want to read, reread, share and keep. We recommend ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes‘ to Bookwagon readers.


Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

Jan Fearnley


Mr Wolf is in the mood for a bunch of pancakes. Who, of his neighbours, will help him prepare the feast? Join Mr Wolf as he works through his list, planning, counting down, licking his lips…. ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes‘ is a great fun, rollicking, boisterous read, with intricate, eye-catching pictures.


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