Mrs Mole, I’m Home!


The mark of a really good writer, is either to create a book with which the reader is entirely knocked sideways by surprise, or that the reader thinks, ‘What a great idea, why didn’t anyone else think of that?’ Jarvis does the latter. For this, ‘Mrs Mole, I’m Home!‘ and his previous title, Alan’s Big Scary Teeth  it’s obvious-‘Of course! What a fabulous idea!’

We meet Morris Mole ‘at the end of a VERY long day of work’, with ‘aching feet and tired eyes’, anticipating a wormy, warm welcome. However, his arrival seems doomed by an unerring ability to steer off course! Where will he arrive next? Will his accidental appearances be welcomed, or is he in danger? How will he get home?

I love Jarvis’ characterisations, the background images that describe other lives, the visual and textual asides, the slight suggestion of menace, and the massive fun included in this wonderful book.  ‘Mrs Mole, I’m Home!‘ is fantastic!

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Mrs Mole, I’m Home!



It’s home time for Mr Mole, but something is going wrong! Every arrival is to the wrong destination. Will he be able to announce, ‘Mrs Mole, I’m Home!‘ to the right front door? We love this very funny picture book, ideal for reading at bedtime and enjoying alone too.


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