Mrs Noah’s Garden


Inside Mrs Noah’s pockets are seeds, while aboard the ark are trees, bushes, bulbs and shrubs. Once Mrs Noah has found exactly the right place on the hillside, alongside two yew trees, she gets to work. Children join her to help.

She creates drills for the seeds to be planted, lays a path of cockleshells and silver bells and weaves a willow bower through which honeysuckle and jasmine trail. With the children’s help she builds walls and shelter, and thereafter waters and waits, until midsummer. What will evolve?

Mrs Noah’s Garden is a celebration of the seasons, of nature and change. It is a call of respect, patience and delight in our natural world. Alongside beautiful, lyrical text, are collage pictures of such depth, awe and wonder as to make you gasp. What a beautiful, beautiful book. Bookwagon is proud to sell and recommend this wonderful book.

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Mrs Noah’s Garden

Jackie Morris and James Mayhew

(Otter-Barry Books)- hardback

Two yew trees stand on the slope of Mrs Noah’s Garden. It’s the place that she decides to ‘sow the seeds‘. First she must join the children in carrying ‘small stones’ to build ‘walls and terraces‘. Within Noah’s ark are ‘trees, shrubs, bushes and bulbs.‘ Through a willow bower, Mrs Noah trails ‘honeysuckle and jasmine’. She plants beans, peas, spinach and radish amongst ‘all kinds of things’ in the drills she creates and labels. Though Noah hopes for curtains, Mrs Noah sews ‘pathways of cockleshells and silver bells’ along which she walks ‘every day, watering the seeds and the wonderful weeds, [with] a trail of creatures following behind her.’
Thereafter, how might this garden grow? Will Mrs Noah’s touch be enough to encourage the plants to grow? What of rain to follow? Insects and birds and bees? While Mrs Noah’s Garden is the story of new life and seasons, it is an allegory of hope and new beginnings; of nurture, time, patience and respect for our planet. It is the rightful next step from Mrs Noah’s Pockets but a glorious celebration of colour, nature and collaboration in its own perfect right.


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