Mrs Noah’s Pockets


This is a stunning picture book. Jackie Morris creates an illustrative sub-story of the unknown Mrs Noah, who, while Mr Noah is preoccupied by the flood, sews a voluminous garment of power, palette, potential and pockets. Through Mr Noah’s comments, and the gentle hints of the text, we learn what is hidden by Mrs Noah. We realise this fully at the conclusion of the story, We are left to consider why Mrs Noah might save the magical creatures against her husband’s wishes, Mr Noah’s aversion to them, and the long-lasting effects of their rescue.

James Mayhew’s swirling, flood strewn, magical Earth reawakened crayon and wax resist images are glorious. They enrich Jackie Morris’s language startlingly. ‘Mrs Noah’s Pockets‘ should be read, loved, reread, shared and treasured by readers of all ages. It is a book for everyone and ever more.


Mrs Noah’s Pockets

Jackie Morris, illustrated by James Mayhew

(Otter-Barry Books)- hardback

Mrs Noah’s Pockets‘ is an inspirational picture book of wonder, magic and mayhem. All of this and more, hides deep within the pockets of Mrs Noah. What could it possibly mean? This book is destined to become a classic. We recommend it to all our Bookwagon readers.


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