‘Mud‘, engine oil, rust, perpetual leaks are some of the trials to which Lydia is becoming accustomed aboard the ‘Lady Beatrice‘. This is the home to which her father has moved her family due to a ‘bit of economic trouble’. Now, grieving for her mother, working to understand her father, trying to find her feet at a new school, while sharing a barge in a newly blended family, Lydia is all at sea.

‘Mud‘ is a wonderful story. We live in Lydia’s journal, rationalising her experience, rather as she works to rub along with her new stepsisters and stepbrother, and manage without her older sister. From her hair disasters,  sense of loss, to agonies on how to ‘be cool’, we are invested in Lydia’s survival.

Bookwagon recommends ‘Mud’ hugely to older readers. It is a truly ‘mud’ glorious story, real, rich and meaningful.

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Emily Thomas

(Andersen Press)

‘Mud‘ rust and engine oil stain Lydia’s new school uniform. Yet, they pale in comparison to the changes with which she is dealing. Her father’s insistence that life aboard the ‘Lady Beatrice’ within a new blended family, is ‘silver linings and all that’ doesn’t ring true. ‘Mud’ is a magnificent story, one that Bookwagon urges readers to choose.


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