Murder in Midwinter


The day before the Christmas party, Maya is shopping in central London, sending messages and images to her sister Zahra, when she observes an argument between a woman and a red-haired man holding a gun. Her phone’s flash alerts the pair to Maya’s photographs, and the chase is on. From Maya’s family’s south London bathroom store to the winter Welsh countryside, the red-haired man is on a mission and Maya is his target.

This is a pacy, believable thriller. We like Maya and her family, their resilience and bonds, and we are keen to sort out the mystery and see them returned to their spanner waving, party planning best.

We recommend ‘Murder in Midwinter‘ to readers aged from 9 or 10 or 11 or more, eager for a really worthwhile, satisfying read.


Murder in Midwinter

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

Click! Maya’s random photographs of the Regent Street Christmas lights become rather more important to her, the police and a red-haired man holding a gun whom she snaps….. This is a quick-witted, riveting read, ideal for those reader who appreciate a no-frills, alert, pacy story. We recommend ‘Murder in Midwinter‘ for readers aged from 9 or 10 or 11.


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