Murder Most Unladylike


More children recommended ‘Murder Most Unladylike‘ to me when I was teaching than any other book. Now, I know why. Hazel Wong, secretary to the Wells & Wong Detective Society, narrates this first case, which becomes so much more than either she, or society President, Daisy Wells, could ever  believe. When Hazel discovers Miss Bell’s body below the gym balcony, just before dinner, a whole can of worms is opened, especially when the body has vanished when she returns with reinforcement….

Robin Stevens is pitch perfect. We can hear the 1930’s clipped diction, realise the anxious isolation and desperate need to belong, the aching attention seeking within the Deepdean boarding school setting. Bookwagon has a gem (a gold drop earring?) on its hands!

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Murder Most Unladylike

Robin Stevens


Welcome to Malory Towers for the 21st century. Join the Wells & Wong Detective Society in its first case, Murder Most Unladylike, a murder beneath the Deepdean gym balcony. It seems that Hazel’s discovery of the gym teacher’s body changes her life and the lives of her school mates. While she was once that strange, foreign girl, suddenly she’s attained another reputation. However, alongside Daisy Wells, Hazel is a would-be detective. What’s more, they are involved in this case, first hand. Then again, dynamic Daisy has a coterie of would-be helpers, potential suspects, and a history that makes her a natural leader. So why choose Hazel? Then again, why Miss Bell? Is there something about Deepdean and its staff that the girls need to know? Something hidden, but deeply divisive and so repellant that it might lead to a murder?
 Robin Stevens was rather like Daisy and Hazel, it seems, although her determination was to write the sort of murder mysteries that enthralled her. Thereafter, her research and studies enable her to open a rip-roaring series with this outstanding title, Murder Most Unladylike, What’s more, her style, pace and substance mean that this book, and the others that follow have a huge, deserved following!


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