Murder on a School Night


Kerry can hardly believe that she’s about to have her first kiss and then at her first real party. However when she falls through the partly open door to collide upon a body bearing a menstrual cup in it’s mouth, the whole situation changes. Although Kerry’s best friend is full of excitement at having her first real detective case at hand, Kerry’s not so sure. For starters, there’s Scott, the new boy that has her all a-flutter. Then there’s the fact that the body was last seen (and heard) with the party host’s boyfriend. There’s also the fact that Kerry and Annie told the host. Could she be the murderer?

Then there’s the fact that the detectives assigned to the case, don’t see it as a case at all! In fact, they feel that there’s no case to investigate, until there’s another. This time, it’s another member of the sixth form, and what’s more, it’s all looking very suspicious. While Kerry and Annie are delighted to be given a pass into Les Populaires, this small group are behaving suspiciously and deceptively. What are they up to? What are they hiding?

Bookwagon loves Murder On a School Night. Not only is the crime-writing tight and intriguing- I will never look at a school locker in the same way- but then the humour is utterly laugh-out-loud. We recommend this title highly to all our older, YA reading audience.

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Murder on a School Night

Kate Weston


Kerry thinks best friend Annie’s feminist shouts perturb Mrs R. Then again, Mrs R seems to have something to share with Kerry and Annie that might prove helpful to the case they find themselves amidst. It’s a case that all begins with a Murder on a  School Night. What’s more, it’s Kerry who finds the victim when she falls into a door, ‘left ajar‘ at the moment of her first kiss. It’s certainly memorable, but maybe fore all the wrong reasons. Then again, so is how the body’s found. A menstrual cup forced into the victim’s mouth? Then again, the victim has just been discovered cheating with the party’s boyfriend?
Although Annie’s excited that she and Kerry are attending their first real party, and this event seems to set them on course to be part of Les Populaires, Kerry has other things on her mind. Or rather one thing- Scott. It seems she has flutterings for the new boy. However, the flutterings cannot get in the way of the case, especially when it seems that the police assigned to it are so incompetent. Then again, what if the first victim is just that…. the first, that suddenly, Barborough is being headlined as the centre of the Menstrual Murders?
Kate Weston‘ s Murder on a School Night is outstanding. Not only did it make this Bookwagon reader laugh out loud, but I cheered, felt part of the WhatsApp group, and thereafter loved this wonderful YA novel. Like The Agathas, the characters are fully rounded, relatable and really good fun- in fact even more so. We recommend this book highly to all our YA readers.


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