My Big Book of Transport


My Big Book of Transport is a colourful and entertaining celebration of things that go for early readers.  It has lively text from Moira Butterfield and illustrations by Bryony Clarkson. Every type of wheeled vehicle is featured, from family cars to trucks and buses.  Hitch a ride in vehicles of every shape and size from chugging tractors to speedy supercars, and gigantic monster-trucks to noisy fire engines.

The text is in the style of bouncy rhythms and rhymes, as well as fascinating facts.  The text works perfectly alongside the bright and lively pictures.

This is the perfect introduction to transport on wheels for early readers and for classroom libraries!

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My Big Book of Transport

Moira Butterfield, illustrated by Bryony Clarkson

(Walker Books) – hardback

My Big Book of Transport is the perfect introduction for younger readers to the wonderful world of wheeled vehicles.
Every type of wheeled vehicle is featured, from cars, to giant monster trucks to buses.  We also look at working vehicles such as tractors, fire engines and ambulances.  What makes this book stand out from other similar guides is the fabulous and lively text from Moira Butterfield.  She uses rhyming patterns and bouncing rhythms to engage early readers.  The entertaining descriptions work beautifully alongside Bryony Clarkson’s vibrant and colourful illustrations.
The book also challenges readers to think about what vehicles are for.  For instance, when looking at trucks, readers are asked what they should pack into a mountain rescue truck if they were heading to work in one. There are also interactive elements in the text, such as in the page about fire truck training.  Of course, the book is also stuffed full of fascinating facts about all the vehicles featured.
For young readers enthused by transport, this book is a great start.  It is also perfect for school and classroom libraries.
Moira Butterfield is the author of Welcome to our World and The Flag Book, also available in the Bookwagon on-line store.  She also talks about My Big Book of Transport in this YouTube clip.


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