My Brother’s Secret


It is Germany in 1941. 12-year-old Karl is looking forward to joining the Hitler Youth, like all boys his age. When tragedy strikes his family, Karl begins to question his allegiances.  He suspects that his older brother Stefan may be a member of a shadowy group that foment peaceful resistance to Hitler’s regime.

Karl finds himself caught up in a dangerous rebellion as he questions what it means to be a good German.

Dan Smith is something of a master when it comes to pacy, thrilling stories that have at their heart a moral dilemma and this novel is an exemplar of that genre.  Thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking.

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My Brother’s Secret

Dan Smith

(Nosy Crow)

Dan Smith has crafted an exceptionally thrilling and thought-provoking tale, based on a true story of youthful rebellion in Germany during World War II.  12-year old Karl is a good German boy who looks forward to the day he can join the Hitler Youth.  His brother Stefan however, is cynical and rebellious.  When tragedy strikes the family, Karl begins to question his allegiances and finds himself mired in a dangerous insurrection.
Hugely enjoyable and packed full of fascinating historical detail and vivid characters, this is an excellent thrill-ride of a novel.


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