My Dad is Definitely NOT a Crime Lord


While Finn’s accepted that his little sister might not be able to recall the name assigned to him in his new identity, he’s happy to be rid of Damian. However, he’s not so happy to be living at Ambrose Court. It seems their new home is bereft of any charm, facilities or loveliness such as the family has been used. Yet the luxuries that they enjoyed were borne from Dad’s criminal life. It seems that’s all behind him now, since he turned over evidence against his associates. He’s a regular job, with regular hours…

As Finn struggles to settle in, he keeps a worry diary, as recommended by the family social worker. It’s where he reveals his innermost problems, such as the effect of his parents’ fighting and then his uncertainties about Dad’s behaviour. However, when Finn is ‘recruited’ to support local superhero, Star Kid, he finds a whole new purpose. Is it possible that as Star Kid’s ‘sidekick’ he might ‘man’ up as his father urged him constantly? Or might that be something within him already? Then again, what if the bullies and thugs that the pair take on, lead to something rather too close to home?

Bookwagon loves Ben Davis’ books, including award- winning The Soup Movement. We are overjoyed that there’s a new title from this writer to add to the wagon. We recommend My Dad is Definitely NOT a Superhero highly, to all our middle grade readers. 

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My Dad is Definitely NOT a Crime Lord

Ben Davis


In return for his father’s evidence against criminal associates, Damian’s family has been resettled in Ambrose Court under new names to protect their identity. Now, Damian is Finn. Although the new name takes some getting used to, the new setting is even harder.
However when Star Kid seeks him out as a Moon Boy sidekick, Finn begins to see the estate differently. It seems there’s a criminal gang extorting protection money from local businesses. What’s more, Star Kid is keen to help those who need support, and deter bullies like Colt. It seems that beneath the veneer of struggle and absence is the warm heart of a community. Furthermore, Finn will discover this as his experience of Ambrose Court grows.
Then again, as we learn through Finn’s diary, he’s problems closer to home. It seems Dad’s uneasy in his new identity and unhappy in regular work. What’s more, he’s opposed to Finn’s mother taking up a job at the local café. Finn is suspicious of his father’s moods and initiatives. Could it be that My Dad is Definitely NOT a Crime Lord? Or might it be that Finn’s father’s criminal life is one that’s too hard for him to leave?
After award winning titles like What’s That in Dog Years?,  Ben Davis returns with a sincere, relevant and thoroughly engaging middle grade novel. My Dad is Definitely NOT a Crime Lord is a highly recommended read.


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