My Day


What is your day? We travel through ‘My Day’, from waking and dressing, to helping and eating. Each activity is announced on a double page, with an entrancing, cut-out collage illustration of that action.

The collage pictures are direct and unencumbered. We are able to create our own story of the family shown, from baby, to his Dad, whom he helps, and who attends. The look of the book is clean, fluent and perfectly sequenced.

‘My Day’ is the first of a quartet of board books for our youngest readers, created by Tate Gallery favourite Alice Melvin. It is a classic, quality addition to every baby’s bookshelf.


My Day

a book of actions

Alice Melvin

(Tate)– hardback

‘My Day‘ is the first of Alice Melvin’s quartet of early years’ activity books from Bookwagon. We follow the cours of a day, from ‘waking’ to ‘dressing’, to ‘sleeping’. Alice Melvin’s cut out collage pictures illustrate the action. How does this compare to your young reader’s day?


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