My Dog Mouse


‘My Dog Mouse’ is a one title masterclass in why picture books are essential to all readers. We take a journey with Mouse who is ‘old and fat with ears as thin as pancakes’, who ‘walks at a snail’s pace’. His walker, who narrates the route, loves Mouse, despite his age and slowness- ‘step, pause, step, pause, step, pause’, and so do we. Like the unnamed walker, we wish Mouse was  his- or ours.

Lyrically descriptive, rich with the pathos of time and age, layered with deep and emotional inference, this is a perfect book. Every time I look it over, I feel moved and awed by this quality title.


My Dog Mouse

Eva Lindstrom

(Gecko Press)- hardback

A truly special, beautiful book that is meant to be shared, reread and treasured by readers of all ages.


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