My Family and Other Animals


For my money, the original stories that Gerald Durrell wrote of his early life on Corfu with his family, are amongst the most wonderful, warm and funny writing ever to be experienced by readers. Acne-prone, romance reading Margot, poetry dashing Larry, hunting and shooting fixated Leslie, and the matriarch, Louisa, determined to make a home in a new environment after the loss of her husband are peripheral to Gerry, thriving in the nature wonderland of the island. His obsession with wildlife and discovering, create constant laughter and chaos.

Indulge in the wonder, madness, warmth and Corfu glory of this classic story. We recommend it!


My Family and Other Animals

Gerald Durrell


You’ve seen the series, you’ve laughed at the mayhem, now indulge in the real stories that are so very much better. Recommended for all readers aged from 12 years.


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