My first ABC


Across two double pages, Edward Underwood demonstrates examples of words beginning with featured letters in My first ABC. Therefore, when we turn to Q, R, S and T, we’ve ‘queen‘ and ‘quilt‘, ahead fo ‘radish, rabbit, robot, rocket‘ and ‘rainbow‘. What’s more, we see that ‘rainbow‘, in a white spaced square, central to its page, offers a lift-the-flap. Behind the ‘rainbow‘ we find ‘rain‘.

Then again, we have the joy of E for ‘egg’ and ‘elephant’ and ‘elf’. Yet what of F? We’ve ‘fox’ and ‘feather, fish’ and ‘flower’. In fact, behind the last we lift-the-flap to discover a ‘frog’! What will we find behind G for ‘gate’. Could it be a ‘goat‘?

While the lift- the-flap element is really appealing, the solid construction and bold pictures with strong black typescript make this book significant. In fact, Bookwagon can imagine Edward Underwood’s My first ABC being a well used, often referred to and investigated reading choice. We are proud to recommend this worthy title for all infant bookshelves.

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My First ABC

Edward Underwood

(Nosy Crow)

My first ABC is a colourful explosions of letters and words. Each page illustrates familiar words that begin with two featured letters. There, we begin with A for.. ‘astronaut’, ‘apple, ‘ant’, ‘ambulance‘, ahead of B for ‘bike’, ‘bat’, ‘boy‘ and ‘balloon‘. In fact, ‘balloon’, like two featured words on every double page offers something more. It seems we might lift a flap and discover more.
Therefore, when we turn to the page featuring I and J, K and L, we’ve ‘jelly‘. However, what is hiding? Why! Behind the ‘jelly’ we’ve a ‘jug‘. Then again, we’ve L for ‘leaf‘ behind which we find a ‘ladybird‘. These additions make investigating such a beautiful book even more enticing!
Not only are the selected words that demonstrate each letter splendid choices, but then the colours, framing and illustrations are bold and attractive. Then again, we’ve a familiar, accessible font. In some ways, the presentation is Nick Sharratt reminiscent. Then again, we know the quality and skills of Edward Underwood from other works, including Bears Love Squares. Bookwagon recommends My first ABC as a splendid choice to read together, to spend time looking through and recalling. Then again, this book is an ideal choice as a gift.


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