My First Book of Everything


It’s difficult to consider time as an adult. Yet to explain it to a young reader? Maybe to begin with the dinosaurs- ‘lizard-like animals that lived many millions of years ago’ and thereafter to lead onto fossil- ‘the remains of a plant of animal that lived a long time ago’. Then again, to consider how that time is measured, we’d look to a clock- ‘a machine that measure times in seconds, minutes and hours’. 

This double page theme, ‘History and Time‘, continues its investigation with definitions for human evolution, day, year, history, ancestor, hourglass, archaeologist and then museum. This inclusion has a lift-the-flap wherein we move from ‘a building full of interesting things, many of them from long ago’ to opening it to reveal exhibits- ‘all the things you can see in a museum’. 

Bookwagon is astounded and impressed by the careful selections of essential themes and then, the topics that are included and defined so perfectly. My First Book of Everything is an outstanding book. We recommend this as a gift, as a title to examine together, and then for a young reader to learn from and share. We are delighted to recommend My First Book of Everything.

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My First Book of Everything

illustrated by Ben Newman

(Pan Macmillan)- hardback

My First Book of Everything focuses upon individual themes and thereafter investigates them. Therefore, we open with The Universe. Within this double page, we explore ‘galaxy- a huge group of stars and solar systems. The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way’. However, there’s also ‘the Sun’, then ‘planet- comet, rover, constellation, the Earth, astronomer, rocket, astronaut, the Big Bang, solar system’. What’s more, there’s a lift-the-flap opportunity for us to read about ‘moon‘ wherein we can compare its description, ‘a dusty ball of rock that spins around the Earth’ with that of a ‘crescent moon’. 
This deep exploration continues with other subjects including ‘The Earth’, ‘Wild Animals’, ‘Plants and Trees’, ‘The Ocean’, ‘The Sky’, ‘The Human Body’, ‘History and Time’, ‘Things that Go’ and ‘Everyday Life‘. It seems every consideration has been made into what matters and where we might wander. Then again, the quality of vocabulary and definition is superb. Bookwagon is awed.
Like an early form picture dictionary, My First Book of Everything is concentrated, articulate and purposeful. What’s more, we’d suggest that similar to books like A Great Big Cuddle Poems for the Very Young, this title is essential reading fare. We applaud the motivation and the product highly!


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