My First Christmas Cook Book


Within the Sweets and Edible Gifts sections, there are melting meringue snow people and rocky road squares. Each are clearly explained, beautifully illustrated, so that we’re guided through the process of creating these treats skilfully and confidently. Then again, this is GBBO winner, David Atherton. His previous cookbooks for children and families, from My First Baking Bookdemonstrate how accessible he makes his recipes.

It means that we look at the Christmas jumper pizzas and are tempted to try them, but also realise it’s possible! Then again, we’ve beautiful red velvet Santa hats. Wouldn’t they be a wonderful gift, perhaps presented as the writer, and illustratorKatie Cottle, suggests, in the book’s introduction?

Finally, we’ve Festive showstoppers, from a chocolate Christmas pudding to a Christmas igloo cake! Somehow, as with every recipe selected and presented within My First Christmas Cook Book, these feel attainable, not out of reach for the novice cook or baker. What’s more, as the writer suggests in the introduction, making something yourself is personal, a way of showing, at Christmas, how much we love our family and friends!

Bookwagon loves and recommends My First Christmas Cook Book. What’s more, these booksellers WILL be making one or several of the recipes included here!

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My First Christmas Cook Book

Festive recipes for young cooks

David Atherton and Katie Cottle

(Walker Books)

David Atherton, Great British Bake Off winner, suggests that ‘ a homemade gift‘ of baking is one of the best ways to show our love at Christmas. Thereafter, he offers a rich range of recipes for us to browse through, choose from and make.
As with his earlier books, including My First Baking Book, the baker begins his book with instructions as to what is needed for our store cupboard ahead of beginning. Then there’s guidance as to measurements, and how we might present our baking. Finally, he reminds us of the equipment list that is necessary.
Thereafter, we begin, with Sweets and Edible Gifts, including jam, coconut snowballs and ‘reindeer chocolate bark‘. Further sections include Party Food, with Christmas tree pull-apart bread and orange trifles, amongst such tempting treats. Thereafter, we’ve Christmas Cakes and Biscuits and Festive Showstoppers. This nervous Bookwagon baker has her eye upon a ‘cracker carrot cake‘ (with gluten-free flour), though the other reader is drawn to ‘sweet and sticky sausage rolls‘ (typically!)
Bookwagon loves the design, organisation and accessibility of My First Christmas Cook Book. We recommend this book wholeheartedly to work through, to begin or add to a collection, but most importantly, to work from. My First Christmas Cook Book is a triumph.


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