My First Green Cook Book


David Atherton, GBBO winner, shares his experience of being vegetarian, alongside his knowledge of healthy recipes in My First Green Cook Book. 

His first recipes are ‘yummy meals‘, dishes to feed a family, such as spaghetti bolognese, sweetcorn potato cakes and stir fry noodles. Alongside the recipes, there are suggestions for other foods that might be included or served alongside. What’s more, there’s the cook’s own experience of making and eating each dish.

David Atherton explains the advantages of eating healthily, alongside outlining what this means. Then there are his examples of foods that constitute a good store cupboard, and explanations as to measurements and methods.

Alice Bowsher’s illustrations are really helpful; they offer useful planning sequences for any cook to work through.

The recipes move through savoury snacks to sweet treats. Within these, too, are thoughtful, healthy additions, such as the flax meal and avocado that might be included within chocolate cookies, or wholemeal flour and pears included in his muffin recipe.

Bookwagon loves My First Green Cook Book. It is a recipe book that one half of this business will be using keenly!

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My First Green Cook Book

Vegetarian recipes for young cooks

David Atherton and Alice Bowsher

(Walker)- hardback

Great British Bake Off winner David Atherton offers My First Green Cook Book. It seems this award winning chef and healthy eating campaigner is vegetarian. Therefore, his recipes are steeped with his own understanding and experience. What’s more, they are full of useful tips for young cooks.
His opening recipe is the tomato sauce that appeared in his My First Cook Book. It seems that this is a staple that might be included in many other dishes from his spaghetti bolognese to gnudi.
Then again, the dishes included here extend the range, from bread to dumplings, noodles to soup. Furthermore, there are continuations, beyond the tomato sauce, so that chefs might continue a skill from one dish to another. For example, the recipe for birds’ nests employs his pesto recipe also.
There are healthy elements to this selection, from an encouragement to consider seasonal foods, to what items should be included in a store cupboard that are part of a balanced diet. What’s more, rather than ‘telling’ the reader, this writer, explains the advantages of including certain items within a diet. Therefore, while chia seeds are full of goodness, their sticky, soft texture is ‘important‘ when baking.
Bookwagon loves My First Green Cook Book and recommends it for sure readers’ home and classroom cooking shelves.


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