My Hair is as Long as a River


My Hair is as Long as a River. Not only is it soft and warm and playful, warm and soft and strong, but it’s nurturing too. In fact, this hair might be more than it seems.

For example, it is as ‘lush as a garden’, one in which the locks might compare with the sharing of picked flowers. Then again, its sprouting and shagginess suggests it as the perfect place for birds to nest! What’s more, this hair suggests a waterfall that ‘streams and cascades through the hills’. Then again, it’s a mountain that ‘reaches the highest of heights’. This hair helps the writer ‘help [him] find a way’.

This hair is a superpower, an individual strength. Bookwagon loves the message, the wordplay and imagery included in My Hair is as Long as a River. This is a magnificent book that we urge readers to know and share.

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My Hair is as Long as a River

Charlie Castle, and Emma Farrarons

(Pan Macmillan) 

…the first thing you’ll notice/ [is] the boy who grows it-/ [ so it’s] soft and it’s warm and it’s playful/ It’s wild and it’s fierce and it’s strong’. 
However, this hair’s more than appearance. In fact, it enables the boy to be who he is. Thereafter, wrapped up, it’s silky and ‘gives us strength‘. Then again, ‘tended to with care’, like ‘a garden‘, it offers up bunches of flowers ‘to share’. Furthermore, what about its coarseness and shagginess and sprouting that suggests it could offer young birds a place to nest? Or even its length? It seems that it ‘bends and it swerves and it folds‘ offering a river’s treasures and depths!
Alongside the wonders and possibilities, are the reflections of friendship, acceptance and society. It seems that Charlie Castle describes his hair’s uniqueness. However, he also personifies it as a wonder power. Then again, there’s such philosophical empathy with the our humanity. After all, doesn’t each of us need to be loved for who we are? Furthermore, Emma Farrarons’ illustrations weave majestically from river to drawbridge, library to dragon. In fact, the locks and strands seem to draw us sinuously through something so lyrical, definitive and glorious.
Like The Boy With Flowers in His Hair, My Hair is as Long as a River, is a poetic story of strength, identity, community and individuality. What’s more, it’s a recognition of acceptance. Altogether, Bookwagon offers that this is a most beautiful, necessary, wondrous picture book.


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