My Hair


So which style will I choose for ‘My Hair’? Could it be cornrows, braids or dreadlocks. Maybe I’ll have a mohawk or bantu knots or a twist out.

We join a visit to Mr Dawn, the hairdresser, where big decisions are made ahead of a birthday. Mrs Dawn’s magazines have lots of options, yet the salon is full of further choices. We learn the variety of hair styles worn by the family, from Daddy’s shorn head and full beard, to Aunty’s neat, shaved head. Then there are all the imagined possibilities…

It’s been 45 minutes,’ cries Mrs Dawn/ ‘What will you do with your hair?’

We’ve been party to the rhyming information, and the window of visitors and information. We are ripe with excitement as to the final decision. So which one will it be?

‘My Hair’ is a beautiful, inviting, celebratory picture book, destined to be read, recited and loved. Bookwagon delights in this very lovely title.

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My Hair

Hannah Lee, illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan

(Faber & Faber)

Most of all I need to know, how will I style ‘My Hair’? Daddy offers to do ‘My Hair’ but Mummy isn’t keen! It’s off to Mrs Dawn, the hairdresser, and a wealth of choices. Which one to go with?
Mrs Dawn’s magazines offer so many options, although there are so many more to be imagined. Maybe you could choose dreadlocks like Mummy, or bantu knots, mohawk, short back and sides, braids, twist out, or a high top fade? It seems like cornrows are popular at school, with so many variations. I don’t think Daddy’s hairstyle, with a full beard and shaved head, might be the best choice. However Uncle’s smooth waves and Aunty’s neat shaved style appeal. There are scarves and turbans and tie-heads to decorate hair too. So…. which hair style will it be?
Hannah Lee and Allen Fatimaharan have created such a welcoming, inclusive, information-packed picture book. The rhyme is clean and creative, while the pictures are inviting, luscious and rich.


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