My Heart is a Poem


Rachel Plummer’s Blackbird should be copied and lived by. They suggest, ‘A blackbird on a branch of elder/ has no room for shame inside her,/ she is so full of song-/ and so she rises’. Thereafter we’re urged ‘to let go/ of all that’s heavy:/ what you are/ what you’ve done/ what’s been done to you’… 

This piece is one of a magnificent collection that forms My Heart is a Poem. Every piece seems to be a dessert of a work, decorated by a range of illustrators.

We’ve instructions on How to Fall Asleep from Kenn Nesbitt, to ‘settle on the water where/ you’ve now become a boat,/ and feel the ocean rock you/ gently, gently as you float’…  Then again, we’ve poems that make us curl up with sadness, such as Janet Wong’s Losing Face. Then again, what of loneliness? Naomi Shihab Nye contemplates how you might cycle your loneliness away like a ‘victory’- [left] panting behind you on some street corner’.

There are familiar poets like Joseph Coelho and James Carter, and then familiar poems, like Jack Prelutsky’s Homework! Oh, Homework! However, the variety is rich and the production beautiful.

Bookwagon love My Heart is a Poem. We recommend this book as an ideal title to share, read aloud, know well, return to and gift.

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My Heart is a Poem

Poetry About Feelings

(Little Tiger Press)

We could rise off the ground with laughter/ tie strings on it and sail around the world- Mandy Coe suggests in If You Could See Laughter, the opening selection in My Heart is a Poem. Then again, Laura Mucha’s The Land of Blue is such a sympathetic piece, that promises ‘golden skies, the purring cat- and all the other things that come/ when you escape from feeling glum’. 
There’s advice for those who face the haters in Stomp from Nikki Grimes and then Debjani Chatterjee’s No More. Then again, Valerie Bloom’s Touched By Joy is a stirring inspiration to take up the invitation to ‘join- Love and Dreams’. It seems you cannot ‘resist’.
It is as though each selection within this wonderful collection of poetry is one that inspires and begs us to share. However, there’s something shared and personal in so many of these works. For example, Kate Wakeling’s The Unspeakable Feeling. She suggests that the most ‘appalling‘ feeling of all is embarrassment- ‘the hot rotten throb of it’.
Like Courage in a poem, this title is a beautiful, inspiring selection with works from a wide array of sensational poets. The feelings and colours and wonder cheer and motivate. Bookwagon loves My Heart is a Poem and recommends it highly.


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