My Heart is Laughing


Friendship issues in school take up a lot of time. Their meaningfulness cannot be denied.  Despite ‘My Heart is Laughing‘ and its predecessor, My Happy Life, being text level ideal for new readers, both books demonstrate a weighty respect for the concerns and experiences of this age group.

Although Dani tries to focus on the bright side of her life, she aches for her best friend Ella, who has moved away. Ella’s absence hurts. Dani’s explanation and the way she deals with her loss appear reasonable. However, as she tries, uncertainly, to find her feet within her school peer group, disaster strikes.

There is much to discuss and think ‘ My Heart is Laughing‘ Are the actions of Dani, Vicky and Mickey, and their teacher justified, for example? Did Dani’s father react in the best way? Is the drama concluded satisfactorily.

This is intelligent writing for intelligent readers who will connect to this real story that focuses upon situations and experiences with which they will be familiar.

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My Heart is Laughing

Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson

(Gecko Press)

‘My Heart is Laughing‘ is the second instalment of the wonderful ‘My Happy Life‘ series. Dani is preoccupied by best friend Ella. She misses her so much she aches. What can make her life better? This title for younger readers is considered, empathetic, respectful storytelling.


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