My Little Book of Big Questions


Britta Teckentrup’s picture books offer philosophical considerations,e .g., ‘ We are Together , Under the Same Sky 

With ‘My Little Book of Questions’ the picture book maker asks questions that are familiar, alongside those that are close, personal, unique or weighted heavily. 

Each question sits within a double page, illustrated by an open, over-washed, open-ended picture. The setting seems to offer time to reflect and consider, and even return. Lack of page numbers gives opportunity to open and think, or discuss. 

‘My Little Book of Questions’ is a brave, empathetic, mature book. It would be an ideal resource for philosophy sessions, enquiry, discussion and PSHE. This book would be suited for home libraries, offering opportunity to talk about weighty matters in a close, loving atmosphere.

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My Little Book of Big Questions

Britta Teckentrup

(Prestel)- hardback

Do all people ask the same questions? Why do some people turn nasty when they’re in a large group? Britta Teckentrup’s ‘My Little Book of Questions’ includes questions that range from familiar, to challenging. 
How would you answer, ‘Will you be my friend?’ What about ‘Is it good to step out of line?’ 
So many of these questions suggest discussion and a consideration of context. Furthermore, there is a need to dwell upon these enquiries. It seems like contemplating your own experience might be helpful. However, how do you do this, without prejudicing the enquiry or any solution? 
‘My Little Book of Questions’ is a unique title. It is ideal for school PSHE sessions and P4C enquiries. Yet this title also offers an opportunity for home enquiries and discussion. With this book, the creator of such beautiful titles as Moon, amongst others, extends her enquiry about the world even more widely. 


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