My Messed-Up Life


‘My Messed-Up Life’ is how Violet would label her existence. Her father’s living in Hollywood with a gleaming new family. Her mother is dating a dodgy new boyfriend named Dudley Wiener. Violet has had enough!

When she disgraces herself during an annual visit to California, Violet is forced to take matters into her own  hands. Through stakeouts and sneaky interventions she’s going to shake things up so her mother ditches  Dudley, and considers real options. Meanwhile, there’s Rosie to look after, friendships to work on, a Jean-Paul to keep onside… Violet is sinking with all that she’s trying to handle.

My Messed-Up Life‘ is about facing truths, looking beyond the surface and valuing what’s real. It’s a cracking story by Bookwagon favourite, Susin Nielsen. We recommend ‘My Messed-Up Life‘ to older readers (and George Clooney admirers).


My Messed- Up Life

Susin Nielsen

(Andersen Press)

My Messed-Up Life’ is how Violet considers her existence. Her father’s living in Hollywood with a younger model, while her mother’s boyfriend is thoroughly embarrassing. Violet needs to take control of the situation. What she has in mind is drastic! ‘My Messed-Up Life‘ is a cracking new title by Susin Nielsen.


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