My Name is Bear!


‘My Name is Bear!‘ Bear is exceedingly proud of his name. Snail? Meerkat? Laughable names! Ridiculous! The other animals are startled by Bear’s boastful pride and rudeness. As he progresses through the forest enquiring with other animals, his comments become ruder and ruder. ‘Really? Poor you?’ he replies when Lemur introduces himself.

What happens when Bear meets Bear? How will our central character respond? Are there alternatives to being called Bear? Will Bear accept them?

‘My Name is Bear!‘ is a curious, engaging, funny and warm picture book with so much to contemplate, hold interest and discuss. Bookwagon is delighted to recommend this witty, lovely title.


My Name is Bear!

Nicola Killen


‘My Name is Bear!‘ Bear loves his name so much that he introduces himself to everyone. He thinks other names are stupid. Fish? Tortoise? Bear has the best name of all! What happens when Bear meets another Bear? How will he react? What an imaginative and engaging picture book!


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