My name is not Refugee


My name is not Refugee‘ although I may be a refugee. How far could you walk? The experience of the refugee, from loss to threat, waiting to transport, is outlined her in this stark, wonderful picture book. Kate Milner shares the story in bleak colours and black outlines, offering a graphic novel approach. Questions are posed to the reader. What would you take?

Bookwagon recommends ‘My name is not Refugee‘ unequivocally. This is a proud, necessary title to readers of all ages.

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My name is not Refugee

Kate Milner

(The Bucket List)

My name is not Refugee‘ though I may have seen and experienced different things from you. What would you take should you be forced to leave your home? How far could you walk? Day you always hold an adult’s hand when you should?
Kate Milner’s exceptional title, ‘My name is not Refugee’ invites readers to experience the journey of the refugee.

Winner of the Klaus Flugge Prize for Illustration, 2018                     Winner of the V & A Illustration Awards 2016


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