My Pet T-Rex


Would you be up to T-rex training? Maybe think it over while joining Kiki as she trains Petunia in My Pet T-Rex. While T-rexes don’t shed, scratch or try to bite their own tails, they take such a lot of training and care! There’s the body weight of Dino Crunch that they eat every day, and then there’s cleaning up after them…. What about play? It seem like T-rexes need lots of exercise. It’s important to ‘be careful of other pets’ and avoid the ‘primordial puddles‘. Is Kiki up to the task? Could Petunia be trainable?

Fabi Santiago always goes the extra mile in his picture books. We love the popcorn machine in the cinema in Daisy and Bear while Paris will always be shadowed by a dancing tiger after reading Tiger in a Tutu. 

My Pet T-Rex is a wonderful picture book- great fun, diverting and original. We love Kiki’s fresh appeal and hopeful training of a lumbering Petunia. Then there’s the unexpected, welcome twist in the tail/tale…


My Pet T- Rex

Fabi Santiago

(Orchard Books)– hardback

‘Hi Petunia, I’m Kiki,’ and you’re My Pet T-Rex. We learn that T-rexes make ‘great pets’ because they ‘don’t shed fur’, ‘scratch’ or ‘bark’, ‘run round in circles‘ or ‘try to bite their own tails.‘ However, they take a lot of training!  It seems like you should start with introductions ahead of ensuring your T-rex is clean and well fed. (Did you know that a T-rex ‘will eat her own weight in Dino Crunch every day‘?)  Then there are the down sides, like the cleaning up….
Bookwagon loves Fabi Santiago’s picture books, from Tiger in a Tutu to Daisy and Bear Within the creative storytelling and witty pictures, lie empathy and attachment. Whether the subject is the bonding of Petunia and Kiki or a Parisian dancing tiger, this picture book writer amuses and engages. Therefore, we can imagine what dinosaur training might be like…. Kiki has her work cut out with instructions to Petunia of ‘Stay! Sit! Heel!’ or ‘Fetch!‘ Then, there’s playing in the park and the lure of ‘primordial puddles’
However, all that work may be rewarded if Kiki can stick with Petunia! We have our fingers crossed as we enjoy the diverting, clever storytelling of My Pet T-Rex


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