My Rhino is Better than Yours!


The two friends will not back down. Each insists My Rhino is Better than Yours! While one is determined that her rhino ‘has incredible talents’ that mean she can ‘twirl on a tightrope/ While her fans applaud her…‘ the other friend steps up the boast. It seems that his rhino ‘wears FABULOUS outfits/ Each day of the week‘, including ‘all knitted’ and ‘just feathers’! Then again, it seems that the blue rhino’s bottom ‘makes the nightingales sing’! However, the red rhino ‘takes his afternoon teas/ With dainties and fancies/ And ALWAYS says PLEASE’! 

Who has the best rhino? Which one is more mighty and likely to lead to the ground ‘shaking’…..

My Rhino’s Better than Yours! is a rhyming tour-de-force! As the claims grow ever more outrageous between the two toy rhino owners, we are captivated by the drama, colour, imagination and cannot see a solution! Furthermore, the blue and red rhino seem almost irrelevant to the argument. However, the surprising conclusion, is a quick ‘rumbly thump’ ending that leaves us astounded and gleeful!

Bec Barnes’ My Rhino is Better than Yours! is colourful, rich, vibrant and hugely creative. Bookwagon recommends this picture book to readers who will lap up the rhyme, language, fun and drama. What a great picture book to share and enjoy reading alone, too!

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My Rhino is Better than Yours!

Bec Barnes

(David Fickling Books)- hardback

My Rhino is Better than Yours! It’s ‘mighty and strong’! Thereafter it’s ‘daring and brave’! What about the fact that my hippo ‘is friends with the bugs./ She shrinks really tiny to give them all hugs’?
Can this be true? Whose rhino is better really? Is it that each friend knows his/ her rhino better than the other? What about the rhinos? How do they feel about each other? Or are they too busy swinging ‘from a trapeze/ [making] giraffes disappear/ leaving only their knees!’ Oh my! What skill and daring! Yet what about the rhino that ‘is stylish and chic/ [wearing’] fabulous outfits/ Each day of the week’? 
Can there be a truce or will the boasting escalate into rhino insults? Thereafter, what about the rhino who is ‘queen of the world’… this is getting astronomical!
Bec Barnes’ rhyming language is extensive, imaginative, wild and exaggerated. Her bright, white and black framed pictures are so animated and expressive, the contrast between the blue and red rhino so considered and symbolic. My Rhino is Better than Yours! is certain to be enjoyed by readers alone or in story time. Furthermore, I suggest this is a title that young readers will seek out to recall and recite and retell. Bookwagon is delighted to recommend this lively picture book!


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