Nano – The Spectacular Science of the Very Very Small


This great picture book is a fascinating introduction to the cutting edge and fast-moving new area of science, nanotechnology. We all know that everything has to be made of something, but the way things are made is changing.  What’s more the materials that are used to make things are changing too and so is the science and technology.

It is a great achievement to produce a book that explains with great clarity such a potentially difficult area of understanding for young children.  This books does it with flair and empathy too.  It never talks down to its reader, nor does it go over their heads!

For budding scientists and engineers, this is just the job!.

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Nano – The Spectacular Science of the Very Very Small

Dr Jess Wade, illustrated by Melissa Castrillon

(Walker Books) 

Nano- The Spectacular Science of the Very Very Small introduces the fascinating, cutting-edge science of nanotechnology. While we know everything is made from something, the science of HOW things are made, is changing rapidly. What we use to make things is changing also. Nano is a captivating introducing into ‘nanotechnology’.This area of STEM is groundbreaking. 
Dr Jess Wade, physicist and trailblazing campaigner for diversity in STEM leads our journey of discovery. Furthermore, Melissa Castrillon, acclaimed illustrator of The Extraordinary Gardener, amongst other titles, displays an intricate understanding of this pioneering subject.
Nano is the perfect book for prospective scientists and engineers.  The introduction to atoms, the building blocks of all matter, is excellent, as is and all the way up to the detailed glossary. Moreover, the author never talks down to its target readers, nor does her text go over their heads.  It is pitched just right, and offers a way of stepping towards a study of “real-world” science.
Young readers into science and technology should also check out The Speed of Starlight or The Language of the Universe.
Furthermore, find out more information about nanotechnology here- Explaining NanoTechnology to Kids










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