Narwhal’s Otter Friend


Otty the Explorer, an Otter with tales of parties and surfing, is overjoyed to meet Narwhal. Otty explains how he wanders ‘the waters seeking fun and finding friends;’. Narwhal is so impressed!

However, as the new friends plan an adventure and prepare their packing list, Jelly is unhappy. Where does he fit into the new friends’ plans. He decides that the only thing to do is to seek other friends. Perhaps Turtle? Or maybe Shark? If he’s desperate, there’s always Crab, who seems alone, However… it may just need to be a ‘rock solid friend’. 

Within this rollicking graphic of exploration and friendship stories, lies a mini story from Jelly, and information about otters. (Did you know, for example, that otters ‘keep a favourite rock within a fold of skin under a foreleg‘?)

Will Narwhal neglect his precious friendship with Jelly? Is Otter a threat with ludicrous tales?

Narwhal’s Otter Friend is the fourth tale of this beloved series from North American graphic novelist, Ben Clanton.



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Narwhal’s Otter Friend

Ben Clanton


Narwhal’s Otter Friend causes problems for Jelly. It’s not only that Otter’s stories of ‘the incredible Captain Sally Goodheart’ seem too good to be true. It seems like tales of adventures, such as partying with penguins, surfing with seals and meeting mermaids, are preposterous! Yet for some reason, Narwhal is so impressed! What’s more, Narwhal declares, ‘Let’s go on an adventure!‘ and it seems as though Jelly’s forgotten in the new friends’ plans.
At that point, Jelly decides that there must be plenty more friends in the sea. However, Turtle’s having a shellebration with his best friend, while Shark’s playing buoy ball with Octopus. What about Crab?
Alongside a bubbling graphic story about friendship and adventure, Narwhal’s Otter Friend includes fascinating information about otters and a Jelly and Rocky mini story.
This title is the fourth in a jelly-icious, narwhal- roaring graphic series suitable for readers of all ages. It follows Peanut Butter and Jelly and Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt


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