Nat Enough


Nat doesn’t consider that she is sporty enough, or cool and stylish enough, or talented enough.  But she does have a best friend in Lily, who she is really looking forward to seeing again when she starts middle school.  Disaster strikes when Lily first ignores Nat, then she is downright rude to her.  Worst of all, Lily is now best friends with the ultra-cool Alex.

Nat plots to win Lily back, but things don’t go well.  First there’s a jelly frog food fight in science and then Nat can’t remove face paint she put on for an audition for the school musical. Despite these disasters, Nat begins to realise what really matters to her and what she can do. She starts to focus on who she is, rather than who she isn’t.  And then there’s the new boy Derek and new friends come along, like Zoe and The Girl With Hair In Her Face (also known as Flo),  Can Nat find that there’s much more to her than she thought…?


Nat Enough

Maria Scriven


Nat is really looking forward to starting middle school.  She loves learning, but most of all she is bursting to see her best friend Lily again.  Things don’t work out well though, because Lily is now New Best Friends with the ultra-cool Alex.  Nat isn’t cool enough (or so she thinks), nor does she think she’s talented or sporty enough.  She’s not anything enough.

Nat sets out to win Lily back, but that doesn’t well go either and Nat lurches from one uncool disaster to another.  She’s so fixated on Project Lily, that she hardly notices new friends of her own, like Zoe, and there’s new boy (dreamboat) Derek.  When her class teacher announces a short story competition, Nat decides this could be the chance she has been waiting for to shine.

Maria Scriven is a highly successful cartoonist and she has really hit the mark with her debut graphic novel.  Its definitely ‘enough’.


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