National Trust: Out and About Tree Explorer


Although National Trust: Out and About: Tree Explorer is marketed as being a book for middle grade readers, Bookwagon suggests that this title fits the needs of families, individuals and classrooms. Not only does it bracket about sixty trees into their sizes, but then it works through specific features to help us identify each.

For example, when we look within the middle sized trees’ section, we compare those that grow between eleven and thirty metres. As with the other sections, within this, each selected tree is compared by height, shape, habitat and origin. Then we learn where we’re most likely to discover this tree when we’re ‘out and about’. Furthermore, we’ve detailed illustrations and descriptions of leaf shape and feel, colours, bark, flower, berry and fruit. We learn how the tree changes throughout the seasons too.

Bookwagon is entranced by this book to the extent that it’s become a backpack favourite for our walks. There is so much to learn, observe and understand from this title. We recommend National Trust: Out and About: Tree Explorer for homes and schools.


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National Trust: Out and About: Tree Explorer

A children’s guide to 60 different trees

(Nosy Crow)

This National Trust collaboration with Nosy Crow adds another title to a superb non-fiction series of observation and discovery. Like Sky Explorer, readers are invited to consider and recognise more than sixty different trees in Out and About: Tree Explorer. In fact, this guide offers pointers to help recognise individual species.
We compare a range of common trees within their size brackets initially. Thereafter, plum and juniper, pear and hawthorn feature within the small trees’ pages. Like medium and large trees, we’re directed in this section, to compare individual species specific, identifying features. For example, we see how a cherry tree is deciduous. It has  dark grey branches. Then again, while it looks like a blackthorn, its twigs are green, rather than black. What’s more, these trees are found in hedges or open woodland. We’ve illustrations of leaves, twigs and flowers, alongside the measurements.
Altogether, it means that we’ve a superb guide book that is portable, beautifully formed and packed full of information. Bookwagon will be purchasing its own copy of National Trust: Out and About: Tree Explorer. This is a splendid and essential title for every home and classroom.


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